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Perfect Day’s approach allows you to enjoy the foods you love without compromising our climate future. When you enjoy a silky, delicious product made with Perfect Day, you're taking one step towards a kinder, greener tomorrow.


Our Life Cycle Assessment found that Perfect Day animal-free whey protein is kinder to our planet. Check out the Executive Summary for more on the findings of the ISO-certified, third party-validated report.


What We Save

Want to know the potential impact of Perfect Day?1
Take a look below to see what could be saved if we used Perfect Day’s process in partnership with traditional dairy.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United States produces 97,787,000 tonnes of milk, excluding butter. If US consumers switched entirely to Perfect Day whey protein as a protein source from milk (assuming a 3.3% protein content of milk), this would result in avoiding up to 246 million tonnes of CO2e emissions, which is up to 28 million homes' energy use for one year or up to 53 million passenger vehicles driven for one year according to the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. According to studies 1 and 2, the same amount of milk would require 32% of the total lighting energy consumed by US residential and commercial sectors and the amount of water needed by 187 billion people for the daily indoor home use. Therefore, deriving non-animal whey protein from Perfect Day rather than bovine dairy would lead to a reduction of approximately 18,600 billion gallons of water and 75 billion MJ energy use. For the purposes of these numbers, we calculated 5% of these numbers.  


If our partners used Perfect Day’s protein in place of conventional dairy protein just 5% of the time, together we would save the equivalent of:

  • from

    round trip flights between SFO & JFK

  • from

    homes' electricity use for one year

  • from

    passenger vehicles driven for one year  

  • 6Years

    of energy for Washington, DC

  • 1.7M Years

    of laptop power

  • 130Years

    of Eiffel Tower illumination

  • to fill

    Olympic swimming pools 

  • to grow


  • to run



"A full-fledged response to climate change must bring innovation to all aspects of our daily lives – including to the foods we consume. Perfect Day’s forward-looking vision offers a new model for reducing the impact that our diets have on the planet."

– Leonardo DiCaprio

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